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Alarms & Monitoring

24-hour ULC and TMA Five Diamond-certified monitoring with reliable response and guaranteed high-quality customer care.

24-hour ULC- and TMA Five Diamond–certified monitoring with reliable response

With multiple Underwriters’ Laboratories Canada (ULC)-certified monitoring stations across North America, Paladin Technologies offers fully redundant monitoring services to enterprise clients, that also meet The Monitoring Association (TMA)’s Five Diamond Certification standards. These centres operate 24/7 to reassure clients that their site is under constant surveillance.

Paladin offers flexible alarm and video monitoring contracts that are not fixed, allowing service cancellation for any reason, at any time, by simply notifying a customer service representative. Paladin only charges for monitoring services up to the end of the following month.

Paladin ensures its end-users are educated and onboarded allowing them to:

  • Check system status and arm or disarm the system remotely with a mobile device or PC
  • Be notified of system issues such as low battery, AC fail, high-low temperature alarms, water or flood detection, and fire supervisory alarms
  • Be notified of openings and closings to advise when employees come and go
  • Access feeds of cameras on site, with both live and recorded video

Paladin Technologies performs the following monitoring services:

  • Alarm monitoring
  • Video monitoring
  • Intrusion detection
  • Fire panel monitoring
  • Elevator monitoring
  • Virtual guard tours

Response when it matters most

Our sister companies, Paladin Security Group, and PalAmerican Security, have one of the largest private emergency response fleets in North America, supporting Paladin Technologies clients with swift response times to promote safety and security.

Highly trained Mobile Security Officers respond to alarms 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Once onsite, the security team performs a full sweep of the premises and takes further action depending on the nature of the alarm, the circumstances on site, and any prior instruction. Upon resolution of the emergency situation, Paladin provides a complete incident report detailing the team’s efforts, as well as the results of the onsite investigation.

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