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Video Surveillance

Trust Paladin’s robust video management solutions to deliver high-quality footage, cost-savings, and effective surveillance design.

Paladin Technologies designs, supplies, and installs video surveillance and CCTV solutions including:

  • Indoor, outdoor & point-tilt-zoom (PTZ) cameras
  • HD, and 4K+ UHD cameras
  • Infrared and temperature-sensing cameras
  • Thermal & explosion-proof applications
  • Video management software (VMS)
  • Enterprise servers & recording infrastructure
  • Custom monitoring environments, such as multi-monitor video walls, industrial Human Machine Interfaces (HMI) & full-scale Physical Security Information Management (PSIM) suites
  • Integration with access control, intrusion & perimeter systems

Using modern compression, reliable storage, and high resolution,  Paladin Technologies designs leading video surveillance and management solutions

Paladin excels at deploying internet protocol (IP) video management and video surveillance systems that deliver high-quality footage and efficient video compression, generating more effective surveillance solutions for clients.

Moving from legacy analog platforms, scalable and network-based systems with advanced digital features and a modular, enterprise-appropriate design have become the industry standard. This shift is due to the capability of IP cameras to be viewed and administered by surveillance operators regardless of physical location, allowing systems installed across multiple geographical sites to be more effectively architected for modern, borderless customer networks.

Paladin’s design approach focuses on creating value and cost optimization for clients by building on scalable, standardized security platforms that can be deployed across their organizations.

Current video surveillance trends include UHD resolutions, data compression, and improved optics. These feature improvements enable each unit to be specifically tailored to a client’s or site’s needs. Paladin Technologies has implemented a growing number of systems that make use of multi-lens cameras, integrated infrared (IR) illuminators, high/low temperature resiliency, and thermal imagery.

Paladin’s robust video management solutions can be enhanced with heuristic analytics solutions, providing more streamlined surveillance and investigative operations, thereby creating value and cost savings for clients, reducing false positives and increasing operational intelligence.

Security programs evolve over time; by partnering with industry-leading manufacturers for video management software, cameras, and related accessories, Paladin builds responsive and dependable IP video solutions that are future-ready.

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