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Tailor your high-profile security programs with the most sophisticated integration software available.

Marry discrete security systems into a single GUI

DYNATROL (DYNamic Annunciation and conTROL) is a bespoke software suite designed by Paladin Technologies to address complex client integration needs. This critical-deployment-proven software suite runs on both Windows and Linux and is optimized for modern virtualized environments and deployments. By interfacing the software with multiple disparate security systems, any event in one system is able to trigger any event in another, even if the systems are normally incompatible. DYNATROL 2.0 has a powerful logic processing engine, and employs a modern, intuitive User Interface with transparency, interactive color maps, and more.

Sample use cases:

  • System A Event: Send SNMP traps to DYNATROL
  • System B Event: Receive BacNET/IP point conditions from DYNATROL

  • System Q Event: Fire alarm sounds
  • System X, Y, Z Events: Display certain cameras, send message to security guard’s mobile device, increase digital video recorder (DVR) record rate

With over 20 years of proven field installations, DYNATROL is the most sophisticated security systems integration software available, used in many high-profile organizations, including:

  • Parliament Hill
  • Correctional facilities
  • Courthouses
  • Nuclear generating facilities
  • Military facilities
  • Medical cannabis facilities

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