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Gates & Turnstiles

Be confident in your first line of defense with automated building solutions to fit and comply with your business needs.

Paladin Technologies designs entry/exit control for pedestrians and vehicles, including:

  • Vehicle & pedestrian gates
  • Pedestrian turnstiles
  • No-fixed-infrastructure solutions
  • Integration with access control, intrusion & video surveillance solutions

Gate and turnstile solutions for vehicle or pedestrian access that is as flexible or restrictive as needed, while ensuring safety and ease of use

Paladin outfits gate and turnstile solutions that solve business needs, such as control of unauthorized vehicle or pedestrian entry, without impeding proper traffic flow unnecessarily. Integrating these solutions within the overall security program leads to streamlined access control, perimeter, and surveillance throughout an organization. Past solutions for site control have used technologies independent from existing security solutions, such as remote clickers, rather than company-wide access cards. This creates vulnerabilities in asset management since there is no remote solution to account for or alter the credentials associated with these assets. By having an integrated, credential-based solution for gates or turnstiles, proper audit trails can be created. Integration with systems such as intrusion, fence/motion detection, access control, lighting, and HVAC, also ensures that proper access to site areas are enforced even with an unmanned security solution.

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