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Intrusion & Duress

Ensure your site has maximum coverage 24/7 through custom remote security program management.

Paladin Technologies designs, supplies, and installs intrusion and duress solutions using:

  • Motion detection
  • Glass break alarms
  • Panic buttons
  • Integration with perimeter, access control & video surveillance

Solutions for remote security program management and advanced detection

Paladin delivers on-site and remote solutions to secure facilities with protocol-based escalation. Solutions are designed with an active, reactive, and preventative approach to the site’s protection. Motion detection sensors, alarm panels, and intercoms ensure detection of unwanted building entry and provide a line of communication to one of Paladin’s 24-hour, Underwriters Laboratories (UL)- and The Monitoring Association (TMA) Five Diamond–certified monitoring stations.

Paladin Technologies designs intrusion systems specific to the premises in question, ensuring maximum coverage by motion detection sensors and accommodating other site-specific factors. For organizations in need of added safety, duress alarms can be integrated into a solution for the safety of the site’s intended occupants. Intrusion and duress solutions are ideal for lone worker, 24-hour facilities, and remote facilities without onsite manpower security.

Intrusion solutions are increasingly being integrated with other security systems, allowing seamless communication between components to better enhance overall system functionality. Paladin is experienced in integrating intrusion with perimeter, access control, and video systems, allowing the end user to view security data from multiple sources in a single graphical user interface (GUI).

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