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Solution / Integrated Security / Access Control

Access Control

Protect and manage the flow of people, facilities, networks, and assets with a custom solution.

Paladin Technologies designs, supplies, and installs custom access control solutions using:

  • Card access
  • Mobile credentials
  • Biometrics
  • Elevator destination dispatch
  • Integration with video surveillance, perimeter & intrusion systems

Manage the flow of personnel with granular corporate access policy while providing process auditability

Paladin implements access control solutions to enforce granular corporate access policies and processes, ensure process auditability, meet regulatory requirements, and promote personnel safety. For most organizations, these efficiencies lead to significant return on investment.

Most existing access control platforms today are thick-client. Historically this has been the norm, however, organizations are increasingly migrating toward thin-client configurations. These platforms are inherently easier to deploy and secure, resulting in reduced implementation time and risk of breach.

Organizations seeking the flexibility to change system elements—without replacing the entire system—are shifting to non-proprietary hardware components and software as they are made more widely available by manufacturers. Paladin Technologies is a leader in providing ‘future-proof’ access control solutions that reduce the cost of future system modification by primarily utilizing non-proprietary field hardware-based systems and cloud-based solutions.

The emergence of mobile credentials is another innovative development in the market—using near-field communication (NFC) chips, Bluetooth Low Energy (BTLE) and biometric fingerprint sensors standard on many smartphones, organizations today leverage these technologies to issue and revoke credentials instantaneously. These features together create a straightforward, multi-factor authentication process that enhances security for the end user.

With its suite of industry-leading technology partners, Paladin can design and deploy an integrated and agile authentication solution for even the most security-conscious organizations in Canada.

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