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Solution / Integrated Security / Perimeter


Extend your organization’s security presence right to the property line with Paladin’s intuitive perimeter solutions.

Paladin Technologies designs, supplies, and installs custom perimeter security solutions using:

  • Video analytics
  • IR- & thermal-spectrum imaging
  • Fencing & fence-based detection
  • Buried cable detection
  • Integration with access control, video surveillance & intrusion systems

Intuitive perimeter solutions that leverage analytics to detect and deter, enhancing security programs in multiple ways

Paladin Technologies implements perimeter solutions to extend an organization’s security presence right to its property line. Perimeter security solutions restrict access to the site’s grounds, therefore deterring unwanted behaviours, and often providing early detection of unwanted intruders.

Though the traditional form of perimeter security consists of fencing, Paladin implements state-of-the-art solutions that leverage cutting-edge hardware and design for fence-based cable detection systems, microwave and beam detection systems, buried cable detection systems, and other forms of perimeter detection. These installations alert organizations as to when and where their property lines have been breached, providing a method to monitor the perimeter, and possibly removing the need for a physical fence.

As video analytics software becomes more robust, so too does Paladin’s experience in implementing perimeter detection systems using video analytics. Paladin excels at selecting the right cameras and placement for the environmental conditions, properly matching the video analytics solution to the specific customer or site needs. With years of experience and training, Paladin’s perimeter solutions are increasingly reliable for monitoring in all conditions, both indoor and outdoor. This technology is further evolving to combine analytics software with infrared (IR)- and thermal-spectrum imaging for a truly innovative and powerful solution.

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