By promoting acceptance of new technologies through prototyping and proofs of concept, Paladin is able to introduce the most state-of-the-art solutions to some of the most established and progressive organizations in Canada.

In addition to an elegant and robust integration process, partnering with Paladin for design build projects results in fewer change orders and improved timelines. Paladin’s ability to provide in-house engineering services is a unique differentiator which consistently reduces errors, compresses timelines, and maintains client satisfaction. We are organized, innovative, and flexible enough to implement your project and project changes as quickly and smoothly as possible, with minimal interruptions operations or schedules.

Projects at Paladin Technologies go beyond system implementation. Design builds are fully backed by quality assurance and quality control documentation, outlining proper procedures for inspection, testing, repairs, and reporting. Paladin also provides its clients with additional close-out documents, including training, service, and warranty documentation, as well as pixels-on-target and as-built drawings from an in-house team of AutoCAD specialists. This is how Paladin delivers better project handover upon completion. Ongoing service and maintenance supports design build projects after initial completion. Extended warranty and preventative maintenance options ensure that the solution’s health is functioning at optimal levels, at all times.


Paladin Technologies deploys fully integrated systems as a single entity. For this reason, general contractors engage Paladin for public/private partnerships (P3s) to ensure a single point of contact for a suite of technology integrations that results in:

  • Improved project efficiency
  • Reduced risk
  • Optimal inter-system functionality