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Custom Innovations

Paladin strives to push boundaries of the technology industry, and innovates with its custom solutions.

Paladin is constantly striving to push the boundaries of the integration and technology industry. Custom Innovations include our renowned project management software, our  online documentation portal and our project update software.


Paladin’s TWCloud portal improves the way we create, store, and distribute critical information about installations, cabling, and equipment

All documentation including CAD drawings, test results, schematics, notes and owner’s manuals are collected and stored in an electronic database. QR codes link users easily to this database of information. Labels in a pre-determined room, rack, cabinet, or vault making the documentation available at any time. Personnel with access to the label can scan it with a mobile device, and optional password protection is also available. Information in TWCloud is updated as changes and updates are made, ensuring accurate information is always available.


Paladin’s innovation management software was developed as the communication platform by which we manage expectations. TWTracker information available to the client may include

  • Project history snapshots from inception to completion
  • Project summary including goals, status, etc
  • Consolidated Project Information
  • Project Photos
  • Scopes of work
  • Multi-Scope Single Source Overview
  • Milestones updated weekly
  • Project Team contact information
  • Administrative notes and items of importance

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