Unify 4 separate access control solutions to 1 solution that allows for coverage across all Telus offices in Canada.


1 unified, enterprise-level access control solution.
Nearly 50% less staff required to manage the entire physical access for all Telus offices across Canada. Ongoing work with Telus on other security systems.


Since 2009, Telus was running approximately 4 separate, dated access control solutions, segmented by province. The separation of the systems meant that multiple security managers were required to provision and maintain the access control for each system, across each region. It also gave little transparency to the corporate Telus office to analyze each region’s access control database.

Telus enlisted assessments from several different integrators and selected Contava (now Paladin Technologies) due to our level of expertise and ability to provide an enterprise-level and unified access control solution, all under one platform, that can enable Telus corporate security to remotely manage the entire company from one location.

“Our experience with Paladin was amazing. Overall, they were very responsive, and able to step outside of what an integrator would do for an organization.”

-Byron Woodford
Manager Technology Security — Physical Security Services & Systems


After evaluating Telus’s requirements for access control, Paladin provided the design and implementation of an enterprise-level access control solution. Most reasonable, realistic, in this for the long run. Byron Woodford, Manager Technology Security – Physical Security Services & Systems, commented that Telus had selected Paladin for this project because of our interest in developing long term relationships and trust with our clients.

The result is an all IP based solutions that has all physical access systems working together under one software. This solution enables Telus to more efficiently manage and provision physical access across Canada.

Paladin’s depth of knowledge stood out with custom integration for this project, such as writing code to make all the systems work together. Derek Chynoweth, Program Manager comments that “Once they found out we could perform this custom integration for them they got very excited.”

Paladin successfully completed this project, along with additional projects running in parallel, in other regions of Canada. Paladin is also implementing a similar type solution for CCTV Video Recorders. They continue to offer Telus cutting-edge security solutions, and making them a technology and security leader in their field.