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Case Study / Integrated Security Solution

Camosun College

The challenge: An integrated security solution that could blend the school’s existing Kantech access control system with updated readers, controllers, new and existing cameras, and existing intrusion panels, to secure the perimeter of the college, as well as the new and future buildings.


  • Security management software integrated with VMS, alarm panels, and intrusion
  • Remote management using a mobile/browser application
  • Technology that supports legacy systems for cost savings
  • Graphical mapping makes system management easier and more time-efficient


Camosun College operates, maintains, and secures more than 50 buildings, including nearly one million square feet and 120 acres of land. Its facilities include a public dental clinic where dental students in training see patients, two child care centers, invigilation (exam) rooms that are monitored remotely by CCTV, executive offices, classrooms, cafeterias, and study areas for students.

The Trades, Dental, and Paul buildings are each home to a wide variety of activities. With such diversity in access and use, the school wanted to set up areas to control access to specific doors and sections of the buildings with greater precision, granting and revoking access to specific groups of users as needed, and matching video cameras to doors for better integrated management of the campuses’ security.

In addition, Camosun College wanted to extend administrative user access to the integrated system to include staff members outside the security department, such as IT staff and invigilation room monitors or managers of computer labs. By doing so, those staff members could manage some of the access rights within their respective areas. The college was also seeking a one-card system that required integration with its human resources department’s software, so that access cards could be easily initiated by the HR department and with multiple access levels for different types of users. Therefore, they needed a complete security system that could be easily used by anyone with minimal training.

Remote access to the integrated access control, video, and intrusion platform was essential to the smooth operation of the new system. With a limited number of security staff members, the college needed a mobile and web-based user interface that would allow operators to manage the system from a smart device or home computer with relative ease.


Camosun College selected a security solution that brings together security management software with network video recorders, video management system (VMS) software, and intrusion panels. Through the native integration, remote management for access control, intrusion, and video (including existing analog cameras), Paladin integrated a solution using the EntraPass solution that allowed a web-based application to remotely  manage the integrated security solution from any authorized, internet enabled device. The solution made use of geographical mapping features to make the overall management of the security system easier and more time-efficient.

“For these buildings, we had a long list of requirements: fully integrated security, easy remote access, a seamless video/access/intrusion integration and superb technical support and training. We wanted to be able to use the magnetic stripe cards and DVRs that we already had together with new IP-based access controllers and video, and with our intrusion system, and to be able to migrate to these new technologies over time as our budget allows.

The built-in integrations between EntraPass, exacqVision, and MAXSYS are intuitive and done at such a deep level that you just know they are going to work. It truly becomes one less thing you need to even think about.”

Joe Matthews
Security Specialist, Camosun College