High-performing systems to exceed client and clinical trust.

Paladin Technologies has completed the successful delivery and maintenance of systems within Healthcare facilities valued at over $100M to date. Our highly qualified team of technicians, engineers, and project managers design, build, and maintain all Information Management/ Information Technology (IMIT) systems including security, networking, data, and audio visual. We understand that these complex environments are highly regulated and must adhere to unmatched compliance which can change over time.

We ensure that each region can successfully carry projects from concept to completion; whether it is a small addition, large-scale retrofit, or design-build for a new hospital, our demonstrated experience will quickly adapt and respond to both client and clinical needs.


Smart campuses through the latest technology and communication tools.

Paladin equips clients with the resources necessary to secure and connect campuses of any size. We are proud that leading educational institutions from across North America trust Paladin to deliver complex technology solutions to keep their facilities safe and at the forefront of innovation.

Through performing work for entire school districts, to being exclusively relied upon by dozens of universities and colleges from coast to coast, Paladin’s teams have obtained an unmatched degree of experience that is unique to our organization. For each project we will examine the site layout, geography, infrastructure requirements, legacy devices/systems, network topology, and schedule to ensure that projects are completed without overlooking any mitigating factors.



Critical Infrastructure
Experienced teams who design, deliver & service enterprise systems within highly regulated environments.

Through careful planning and commitment to industry best practices, Paladin Technologies’ skilled workforce excels in delivering complex projects in highly regulated landscapes. We understand the intricacies of providing designated support and services to unique clients across North America and have created strategic internal practices to mitigate risk and manage expectations around compliance and conformance to regulatory requirements.

We are trusted by national and international entities whose responsibilities to immediate, and larger communities are as diverse as they are critical. From pioneering NERC/CIP projects, to outfitting the control centers that assure the day-to-day safety of thousands, our teams have exemplified that every risk must be identified and planned for. Paladin specializes in delivering solutions that meet government standards for infrastructure, technology, and service. Leveraging decades of experience, Paladin provides future-forward technology solutions that are mindful of cost savings, scalability, and agility.

Extensive experience across complex federal, provincial, state, and municipal projects.

In order to holistically support Government departments, initiatives, structures and entities, Paladin’s teams have implemented thorough vetting and training procedures. We proudly provide clients with access to cutting-edge equipment and products, as well as a workforce which has successfully delivered integral government sector projects throughout North America’s most challenging landscapes.

Paladin’s Account Management, Engineering, and Project Delivery teams are strategically aligned on procedures relating to risk mitigation, system optimization, operator training, and emergency response preparedness. Our organization is unique in our ability to provide clients with several 24/7/365 response and resolution centers. We understand the critical nature of ensuring that the solutions /support provided by our teams is backed by multi-faceted safeguard procedures, redundancy, and the assurance of immediate assistance.

Equipment, training, and clearances to ensure unobtrusive and effective security of gaming.

Paladin Technologies has provided clients across North America with dedicated video surveillance, access control, audio visual, and structured cabling solutions that meet local gaming compliance needs. We understand the critical nature of establishing operational safeguards to prevent any interruptions to system functions, or loss of data. Our goal is to provide rapid investigations, enhance operations, and continue to provide an unmatched VIP experience.

Our dedicated teams specialize in risk mitigation and are privy to the industry trends and innovations that distinguish our customized enterprise solutions. We exclusively provide surveillance solutions with 24/7/365 reliability, failover, and redundancy to avoid any costly downtime in gaming environments. Paladin teams are committed to meeting or exceeding industry-leading response times, and have first-hand experience resolving complex issues with no disruptions to operations or customer satisfactions.


Public Infrastructure Design Build
Sterling relationships and extensive project history in partnership with government and industry alike.

Paladin Technologies has cultivated a dedicated program with qualified team members who specialize in the design, deployment, and maintenance of all technology and low voltage systems for your Public Infrastructure projects. Our goal is to deliver a single integrated approach for all your IP-based systems including converged networking, structured cabling, audio visual, distributed antenna systems (DAS), and security. We are proud of the sophisticated relationships our teams hold with prime contractors across North America and our ability to operate as an extension of their project delivery approach.

From initial design, through project completion, Paladin offers a single point of contact for integrating all building technologies. The benefit of a single Systems Integrator approach is overall project efficiency, reduced risk, and inter-system functionality. Our Teams are committed to successfully delivering Projects to the highest standards while remaining compliant to regulations of the environment. We will remain transparent throughout the duration the project and work in true partnership to ensure the close out experience properly enables the end user.

We protect and enhance your transportation assets to optimize operations from coast to coast.

Paladin Technologies’ expertise within the transportation sector is unmatched. Our teams have completed projects for airports, port authorities, ferries, and transit authorities across the North America. Our demonstrated experience in the transportation section has varied in size, scope, and value from small installations at transit stops, to a complete cutover and transition of systems within governing authority head offices. Our installation teams are equipped with the knowledge, skill-set, and tools necessary to facilitate quick and effective project completion with minimal downtime and maximal uptime.

Paladin’s understanding of government regulations and versatile approach set us aside from other integrators. Our experience in a variety of unique transit-related environments provides us with insight that our competitors do not have. Our team examines the site layout and geography, infrastructure requirements, legacy devices/systems, network topology, and schedule to ensure that projects are completed without overlooking any mitigating factors. At Paladin, we work closely with transportation officials to develop traffic routing plans that will ensure the safety of all people at any job site.

Nationwide recognition for integrated systems that are responsible for managing institutions of various security levels.

Paladin Technologies has a wealth of demonstrated experience completing projects within correctional environments across North America. Our projects include minimum, medium, and maximum-security state, provincial, and federal institutions. We are well-versed in working within correctional centers, courthouses, and psychiatric care facilities. Combined, our staff has worked in every federal correctional facility across Canada, and numerous state and provincial facilities. Our team has the knowledge and skills required to work in occupied facilities while maintaining security on site.

Our Engineering and Custom Solutions teams set us apart from other integrators. Paladin staff have worked closely with corrections officials and manufacturers to develop custom software and hardware modules to achieve desired functionality and monitoring. Paladin’s corrections team have both the experience and clearances needed to work safely and effectively in corrections environments.

Integrating technology for the safety and connectivity of guests, visitors, and staff.

Paladin Technologies has successfully designed and delivered complex, integrated systems within hospitality facilities including, hotels, restaurants, bars, casinos, stadium facilities, and resorts.

Our team delivers superior visual displays, touch panels, and sound systems to our clients so they can provide the best possible hospitality experience to their clients. To provide a full turnkey solution, including video surveillance, access control, alarms and monitoring, Paladin integrates our audio-visual services into our security systems to ensure our clients’ security. Paladin also specializes in full-facility Wi-Fi systems, and distributed antenna systems (DAS) for enterprise-level cellular augmentation.

Paladin has successfully completed complex, multi-site, and large-scale projects across North America. Our certified technician design and deliver the highest quality of systems while supporting ease of use and understanding for efficient operation to the end user.

Building Owners and Management
Installations and integration for companies across North America.

Paladin Technologies is at the forefront of experience and capability in addressing the complex needs of tenants, building owners and managers, as well as the General Contractors that work in modern high-rise structures. At the heart of exceptional Class-A commercial properties, North America’s largest and most successful tenants trust us for our team’s expertise and execution.

We hold comprehensive capabilities across security, communications, audio visual, technical infrastructure, and service correspondence for all areas. Our program teams have extensive experience and a sterling record serving property management and construction/renovation companies in major metro areas. We maintain exceptional relationships and long histories with the largest General Contractors, and we have the resources to carry out tenant improvement projects while meeting aggressive timelines. Further, Paladin’s 24/7/365 ULC and 5-Diamond Certified operations centers provide immediate dispatch.